Company Profile
Vision & Mission



Creating a Sustainable Journey of Retreading Eco System.


Our Mission is to continuously strive towards being and delivering the best as defined by the following corporate pillars:

  • To be at the forefront of state-of-the-art technologies and innovative methods to power our operations towards greater productivity, product quality and cost competitiveness beyond customer expectation.

  • To constantly produce the highest quality product that adheres to the most demanding industry standards and is recognized globally as the superior choice for durability, reliability, performance and price.

  • To nurture and harness the power of people in the development of true human competence towards producing world class talent that accentuates our competitive edge.

  • To appreciate and to constantly earn the trust and respect of our customers worldwide, to feel their pulse, build mutually winning relationships that allow us to truly serve their needs.

  • To create a better environment through business with the emphasis on a triple bottom-line of people, planet and profit.